9 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated while they Work from Home. This Why underlies every decision we make, every action we take, and every extra second we put in. By Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton March 17, 2020 March 19, 2020. The podcast is really well done, and there is also a video component that you can watch. Connecting with your coworkers when you work remotely doesn’t have to be a pain, or a chore, or a struggle. Schedule even the smallest catch-up session, and it will likely go appreciated by the recipient. The thing is, employees are now working from home full time until further notice. Our friend Cyd from @goaltraveler introduced us to Netflix Party. SHARES . 1-800-728-0888 We're doing our part to #flattenthecurve but we are still open for business! In this article, we’ll cover the baselines of remote work communication, the apps and tools that get you ready for keeping in touch while working from home and a list of great ways to stay connected with coworkers, clients and friends. Maybe it’s an interesting podcast, or three. Especially when you become remote, keeping in touch with coworkers in a phone call helps avoid misunderstandings. Heads up! On-Demand – 60 min. It’s what motivates employees here at the snack castle. Here are 5 management tips on how to keep remote workers engaged and motivated: Try the above ideas and see how well your employees are working together, which will simply be called ‘happiness.’ While working from home, Dan and I have missed regular chit-chat that we used to have with coworkers and friends. Try this: Challenge your employees to identify the Why behind their most important tasks. I FaceTime with my friend Ayelen and she talks to me completely in Spanish, so I have to keep up. There are lots of things to keep in mind when video-ing coworkers, like looking presentable and ready, and having background noise eliminated. Don't let this doubt your belief in the power of remote work, because Gallup research finds that employees who spend at least some time working remotely are "more likely to feel engaged in their jobs than those who never work remotely." Hangouts, as it now goes by, allows you to chat with your Google/Gmail contacts, and give them a voice call or a video call. Yet, even before the recent COVID-19 outbreak, remote working can be a challenge for many organizations looking to engage their teams and employees effectively.Understanding how to manage and engage employees can yield the same, if not better, results than when employees are in the office. You’ll hear a conversation about some of the latest news in web development. A worker who feels isolated from a team isn’t going to be happy or productive. WhatsApp is a chat app that I was introduced to back when I lived in China as an expat, around 2011. When people are working from home — or any place different than the ‘norm’, it’s especially important to find ways to keep company culture alive. I like this because it keeps you up-to-date with new phones, computers, gaming consoles and more. If you plan to have a video call, or if you’re expected to dial into the team meeting with video, make sure your home office setup is in tip-top shape! Here are ten ways you can make sure they're feeling appreciated and part of the team, even though they're working from home! A client of mine, whose team of 15 people are now all working from home, established daily 30-minute morning team check-ins to stay connected and on … I recommend! Institute a monthly online lunch-and-learn. Webinars are mostly one-directional in that a speaker provides information to attendees, but engaging with speakers or hosts through Q&A sessions can create meaningful relationships. By Pooja Bajaj | 30th Mar 2020. Communicate when you have results or successes. A real phone call – what’s that? Reiterate that your virtual office door is always open. I still consider it more effective and reliable than iMessage when I’m traveling and far from home. To keep your employees’ spirits up while they’re working from home, it’s crucial to continue celebrating employee milestones. Even my gym offers weekday drop-in daycare from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. And in some cities, a new coworking with childcare trend is starting to take shape. WhatsApp first started as being the ideal way to send someone a text message ‘over the Internet’ if you were both in other countries. Either way, constant communication is the key to staying connected and engaged with your team while working from home. It’s easy for remote employees to feel isolated, and when most of your workforce is spread out, it can be difficult to maintain a strong company culture. As a contractor, I’ve worked with many remote teams over the years and can confirm that much of what “they” say is true: Remote employees tend to be happier, healthier and more engaged than their in-office counterparts. This is especially true for those of us balancing work and childcare. Zoom is a video platform that allows professionals to meet, and even hold conference-style sessions, over video. Collaboration, morale, and belonging can all take a hit. Consider organizing a group fitness break during the day. I can say the same for the Ladies Get Paid network, which has afforded me opportunities like hosting a webinar about remote work starter tips for women. Here are five important ways to engage a remote workforce: 1. This is good news for chefs who focus on plating, not taste, because if you hold a company-wide cooking competition, the photos are what count! I like meeting face to face. Keep company culture human through personal milestone updates. Remote workers have a huge advantage in-office staff don’t: This means you not only have the freedom to work during the hours you’re most productive, but can arrange for flexible childcare during those times as well. Here's how to make sure they stay part of … 1922 shares Note: It’s been 4 years since we wrote this article—Whoa time flies! Use video as a way of connecting, and remember to stay professional. Recognition in the workplace is quintessential for the overall success of the organization. I learned that I could ‘digest’ the news, and learn more in-depth about it, by plugging in a podcast while I was walking or doing chores at home. Now that your employees are working … Take breaks to play an online game with colleagues (if company culture allows). So even if you choose to work at coffee shops and coworking spaces, you can show up where and when it works for you. Share. Many organizations have turned to new work-from-home policies to keep employees safe. Check out Backblaze to make sure your files are safe and secure. It’s been proven that spending time on non-work activities with coworkers strengthens working relationships. 10 ways to keep your employees engaged amid the coronavirus work-from-home phase . Remote working isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Probably not in the conventional way you’re used to. Remote work arrangements are not new, but because they may be unfamiliar to some employers and managers, there is an adjustment period as teams begin navigating this new way of conducting business. We just wrote a new one with more learnings and more advice. Fun ways to keep in touch with coworkers while working remotely. I went straight to my home office and was done in an hour. “Teams,” as it’s now called, seems to be Microsoft’s answer to Slack. There’s no heading down the hall to see who’s ready for a coffee break or calling the IT guy when the printer jams. Keeping your workforce focussed and engaged is key to having a positive experience of home working. Ask how your colleagues’ days are going, offer some relevant news or fun facts, or ask a question everyone can answer. While it’s very hard to keep the employees continuously engaged at work, you can choose to have a win-win situation by working on these employee engagement ideas. On-Demand – 60 min. Well, it might be far away, depending on how far you are from said office, but it doesn’t mean the chit-chat is dead. Join a professional network and meet other like-minded professionals. It could be ‘writing a movie,’ or ‘rewriting a popular TV show,’ with each department lead, or employee, adding a new sentence each week on a threaded email. Begin meetings with a, “Today I…” or “I just ate a…” to bring to mind that you’re all human first, and remote workers, second. Make yourself available, and be first to respond when contacted. Need to check your grammar to prevent embarrassing typos when you’re sending a company-wide email? Skype for Business integrates with other platforms like Microsoft Office, so it can link to Microsoft platform programs like Outlook, Calendar, SharePoint and OneDrive. It. You can do yoga, chair stretching, or even a meditation session to keep everyone fit and healthy. This can be done over Slack, where members join a channel, and a book is voted upon, and then a date set by which to finish it and meet. I am not kidding! If you’ve ever heard of “being seen and not heard,” it’s the opposite for someone working from home. Many of us played similar icebreaker games like this in school. 8 Easy & Creative Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged . They are great storytellers and break down a lot of popular content that is currently relevant. This podcast is great for anyone in the world of photography, videography and tech. Practice a new language with a friend in another country. For years Collaborative Solutions has maintained a hybrid workforce; that is to say, many of our employees work from home several days a week and some work remotely full-time. 19. The Morning Brew newsletters give us a snapshot of current events in a few different categories. Dan listens to a few podcasts to help stay connected to current events happening in the technology world. Share. Working from home is becoming a necessity in today’s modern workplace. 10 ways to keep your employees engaged amid the coronavirus work-from-home phase . Before the coronavirus outbreak began to unfold, “43% of US employees worked remotely at least some of the time,” according to Gallup. They will look for ways to be an ambassador to their company, both with colleagues and customers, and help drive their organization forward. Create custom emojis that have to do with your organization’s vernacular or trusted vocabulary words. While the lure of working from home is exciting for many workers, the exuberance of producing from the humble abode can wear off over time. I got a good night’s sleep and when I woke at 6 a.m. the next day, the ideas were suddenly flowing. So are instant messages and Slack DMs. I thrive off of human connection – big time. While being glued to your work phone, work email or work Slack can be tiring, exhausting and less-than-optimal for mental health, it is part of the remote work hustle. When a remote employee feels actively engaged, they’re more likely to be energized by their work, motivating to those around them and willing to tackle difficult problems. 1. Understanding the basics of employee engagement. Then one afternoon I found myself totally blocked on a big project. When I first started working from home, I stuck to a typical 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule. Use Technology to Recognize Face-to-Face. Keep them engaged with Recognition. There may be times when you think: “Do my in-office coworkers assume I slack off all day?”, “Do they think of me as part of the team?”. She corrects my grammar, answers my questions and teaches me slang. Never hesitate to ask a question, receive an answer and follow up with a personal email later. While many employees already do some work remotely, many workers and managers are still trying to adjust to this paradigm shift. Here at Smarp, we use our software solution to share fun company moments. We may include affiliate links in posts and pages on which we recommend specific products, tours and/or services. It can be for fun, or competitive with scoring. The last cool way I like to feel productive and engaged while also seeing friends’ faces is practicing Spanish with friends in Argentina. by. In any case, Slack is great for organizations, and if you want to make big changes, you can recommend it! I like that the host is funny and light-hearted, and the topics are all current, and varied. This can be in the form of one on one meetings with your employees, or as a group to check-in with their progress at work. I snooze my emails, and if I don’t hear back by a specified date, I politely follow up for information I need in order to move forward. Dan used to spend a bit of time making coffee at his office and Becca would enjoy meeting up with friends who worked in the same part of Manhattan. You want to be heard, and also hopefully “seen” (on video)! “Lunch” is just a placeholder! I often have some of my most creative brainstorming sessions when I step away from my home office to take a running tour of the neighborhood. It’s all about discovering what works best for you, your team and your dream of what’ll make working from home, well, dreamy. Although I don’t do it often, if I’m talking in-depth with a friend over Instagram (usually started by chit-chat about a photo! Remember the water cooler and coffee station in the office? As the world battles the Coronavirus pandemic, employees are forced to work from home. You may hear something new about a browser, or a new web technology. While remote work has been steadily increasing over time, our current situation is a whole new ballgame with entire workforces going remote overnight. Within Skype for Business, you have an internal communication system with a ‘buddy list,’ inspired by AIM of the 90s (it seems), where you can access all corporate contacts within a network or organization. When you hit a wall, take an exercise break to recharge and get re-inspired. We're an NYC-based couple who work remotely. That’ll get really old, really fast. Investing in noise-canceling headphones or a headset is a great way for you to keep focused on the task at hand." When you’re in the office, you grab lunch with a coworker, dip out to the coffeeshop below the office or take your team out for a happy hour. Provide a work from home scenario and flexible hours where employees with children or adults with hobbies are allowed the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest, but still get their work done.” 4 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged While Facing a National Crisis. Surprise someone with a ‘real phone call.’. This eradicates your positive reinforcement and causes the employee to leave with a draw-down critique more so then constructive criticism lined with positivity. This way, you won’t have to spend an hour looking at multiple people’s houses at a stretch! Many of today’s fastest-growing brands are building successful businesses by offering people the flexibility to work where, when and how they want. Some companies use an employee-of-the-month program to reward hardworking employees while others use a tiered reward system. Deadlines and commitments aren't always enough motivation.Still, employees who work from home continue to report loving their jobs more than those in their cubicle.Leadership IQ provides an online test that gathers data regarding an employee’s feeling toward their job based on the employ… Make sure colleagues feel comfortable cold-calling you or asking for help, rather than being worried about ‘bothering you,’ conversely. Other days, you may hear about different code editors or CMS platforms. Even as an independent contractor or freelancer, it’s important to separate work and personal hours. Video chatting over Instagram is one of the newcomer video methods, in addition to video via WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook messenger and more. Collaborate on files, projects and presentations together in real time. We’ve come up with a list of creative strategies for how to engage remote employees, all centered around three main elements: communication, participation, and appreciation. To me, that’s one of the coolest gifts that technology has given us. WhatsApp is a fine tool to use for reaching clients or work contacts, especially if you have a separate work phone, work phone number or even a Google Fi number. Use the right tools, first and foremost. When researchers measured the total motivation of employees, they saw that those forced to work from home were the least motivated. If you have contacts (clients, vendors, colleagues) who are in other countries, WhatsApp (from your work number) is an ideal way to have each other at your fingertips if you have to speak outside of work platforms. Your closest contacts may be clients, vendors, editors, artists, service providers or many types of other relationships. 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged During the Coronavirus Outbreak. When talking to employees, tell them how much you appreciate their work while focusing on the positive characteristics. People (including you, and me!) Three, start a live poll! As employees around the world embrace “the World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment,” they’re also experiencing the unprecedented levels of stress that come with working remotely under uncertain circumstances.. I personally really like Slack. Make sure you keep all employees in the loop of what is going on while reinforcing them with positive feedback. Be honest, proactive and clear when demonstrating your offerings or business updates over platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Try the Roost laptop stand, or a budget alternative, Nexstand. We're currently traveling full time and capturing as much of our experience as we can. According to Monster, 69% of employees are experiencing burnout while working from home. Among other programs, @halfhalftravel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. They often talk about YouTube trends, entrepreneurship and gear. Make use of instant messaging like Skype and Slack to always stay on the loop. A high-performing workforce is essential for growth and survival, and employee engagement is a major focus for senior executives looking to optimize the performance of their workforce. If there were ever Slack rules, they would be, “Refrain from ‘blowing up’ channels by adding one-word answers or meaningless contributions.”. I say they’re far less effective than these atypical tactics: Or on nearby running trails. Seeing other humans on the other end of the screen confirms to everyone that you exist behind the words in the emails. I’ve been ending my day (or therefore starting my evening) with a FaceTime call more and more. If you are correcting their work, make sure to never respond with positive feedback followed by “but, …”. If the community has 30,000 people, this typically may mean (according to user activity) that you won’t be able to see or search any messages more than 7 days in the past. Keeping your virtual office door open is more of a mindset and something to say, but it’s worth keeping in mind. Getting creative—virtually “It is important to keep the team in positive spirits. It’s so seamless. For our workers who have never worked from home, social isolation is deeply felt. I like The Daily because I trust the information, and the lengths of the podcasts are very palatable, at 20-25 minutes. “You won’t ever sit in traffic again,” they claimed. Unite your team with daily standups, make progress visible, and reach goals faster—all in minutes a day. If you’re in touch with your company’s head of culture or HR lead, propose a company-wide talent show that can be scheduled over Zoom. Skype for Business is popular with more traditional corporations. Sitting in the office or sitting at the beach. Tweet. Now that we’re talking about creator podcasts, The Colin and Samir podcast is a good one for staying connected to creator news, marketing ideas and more. For organizations that use Gmail as a default mail platform, Hangouts is ultimately how you wind up speaking with coworkers within an organization. 6 Ways to Keep Your Team Productive While Working From Home ... with more businesses than ever encouraging or requiring employees to work from home. 9 ways to maintain staff morale in a remote work environment 1.